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General rules

First line is always a type of question. One blank line must be left between each question.

Types of Question

Converter supports Moodle Questions Types

Question Type Keyword for Converter
Mulptiple choice multichoice. Can be omitted. It is a default type of question
Short Answer shortanswer
Essay essay
Description description
Embed Answers cloze
True/False truefalse
Numerical numerical
Match matching
Order order. Requires additional module installed. See in Modules and Plugins page at


There are some reserved words used to recognize answers and feedback. It is important to write them exactly as is shown in the table

Reserved Words Meaning
Answer: Correct Answer
gfeed. General Feedback
feed.1. Feedback for answer variants
feedback: Feedback for only correct answer

How to prepare a text file

1. Set question type

2. Define answer variants.

Each item is either a number or a letter. Be sure you use the same type for all options within a file. For example:

 Question 1
 A. TextAnswer 1
 B. TextAnswer 2
 C. TextAnswer 3
 Answer: B

 Question 2
 A) TextAnswer 1
 B) TextAnswer 2
 C) TextAnswer 3
 Answer: B
 Question 1
 1) TextAnswer 1
 2) TextAnswer 2
 3) TextAnswer 3
 Answer: 2

 Question 2
 1. TextAnswer 1
 2. TextAnswer 2
 3. TextAnswer 3
 Answer: 3

3. You can add questions in two ways:

3.1. Insert all text from your file into the Input window and select options:

1) Choice option - if you use numbers for answers (1,2,3) select first variant [\d+]. If you wish to use letters (a,b,c) use the second option - [a-z]
2) Shuffle answers - if checked your answers are shuffled within questions
3) Choose answer numbering for Moodle: abc, ABCD, 123, none

3.2. Or Upload your file

4. Viewing results

4.1. Push Create Moodle XML to view generated XML in Output


4.2. Download XML without previewing

Question Format Examples

Some examples are shown here:

Multiple choice

1. When must a Post Implementation Review take place?
A. After every Change
B. At the request of the person who submitted the Change request
C. In case of emergency changes
D. If another incident of the same type occurs again after a Change has been made
Answer: A

2. When an organization decides to control the flow of incident information within the IT organization, 
which ITIL process would it be putting in place?
A. Availability Management
B. Change Management
C. Incident Management
D. Problem Management
Answer: C, D


3. The new role of social blogging in e-learning.
gfeed. Write something about Twitter, Facebook from the aspects of teaching and colloboration.

Short answer

4. Calculate: 2 + 2 
Answer: 4, four


5. The founder of "Apple" was Steve Joubs.
Answer: True
Feedback: Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple, which he co-founded in 1976.


6. Open Office is the alternative to Microsoft Office.


7. Infrastructure <{1:MULTICHOICE:=Monitoring~Controlling~Service} will provide support teams with alerts directly allowing for faster resolution. 
Such alerts do not need to be recorded in the Incident Management tool as there is little added value in this {1:MULTICHOICE:=true~false}. 
Typically the incident will be resolved automatically before the customer recognises it.

You can see details about syntax of Cloze-type question here


8. How many books are in ITIL V3? Answer only with a number.
Answer: 5


Match cities and countries
1. Yakutsk
match: Russia
2. Tampere
match: Finland
3. Harbin
match: China


10. Place in ascending order
1. 200
2. 500
3. 100
Answer: 3,1,2

Download Sample.txt


This version converts a text file to XML. It should be formatted before inputting to generate XML. See Tutorial for more details. The default format is simple:



One empty line must be left between entries for this type of glossary. No need to encode in UTF8.

For Excel files use Concept TAB definition format. For samples see Glossary Tutorial

You can change type of glossary. By default it is dictionary.

Use special words to set categories and aliases >>

Download Sample1.txt