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Short step-by-step tutorial

Creating glossary in Moodle

How to generate XML Files

This version converts a text file to XML. It should be formatted before inputting to generate XML. There are 4 types of format. Be sure you properly prepare your text and correctly select converter options.

glossary parser options

Use only one type of format entries within one file

glossary don't

Types of format

1. First line is concept. Using by default
Right case
This is a major deliverable or key event in a project used to measure project progress.

milestone chart
This is a method to display project schedule information that shows the start and/or finish date of milestones.

how to convert glossary into XML. Case studies

For this type of format separate entries with empty lines, but don't put them inside definition

2.Concept TAB definiton - use it for Excel entries

Right case

excel template glossary excel template glossary

This type does not depend on empty lines


excel template glossary

Place terms and definitions only in two columns

3. Concept - definition

Right case

Variant 1

term1 - definition1

term2 - definition2
term3 - definition3
term4 - definition4

term5 - definition5
term6 - definition6

Variant 2

term1 - definition1
term2 - definition2
term3 - definition3
term4 - definition4
term5 - definition5

glossary XML types

Don't forget to insert spaces before and after dash

4. Concept: definition

Right case

Moodle glossary templates

Use a colon to separate terms and definitions.

Setting categories and aliases

You can set categories and aliases. Use reserved words:

aliases|alias|also|aka :

For aliases. For example: aliases: cat, dog or alias: cat, dog

categories|category|cat :

For categories. For example: cat: auto, metro or category: money, currency

Parser options

By default glossary type is dictionary, global. Enabled options:

  • Show Alphabet - Yes
  • Show All - Yes
  • Entry for page - 10
  • Casesensitive - No
  • Allow comments - Yes
  • Autolinking entries - No
  • Allow duplicates - Yes

Download Sample1.txt